All the stuff that's support: whether that's flags to editors and users, or where exactly to put pages and why, or writing style.

This is the last thing I'm concerned about in 2023.

This wiki uses the concept of namespaces: sets of pages that are grouped by a common factor. Example are the user: namespace which contains everyone's personal page. Such as alan (guess who wrote this bit?)

The very important one to remember is locations: for a physical space that has an address, phone number and so on. Such as Clydebuilt Bar and KitchenThe reason for this is that this namespace uses a template, which adds in common information by default that it should have, for each location.

Please use this. It's a pain in the neck to sort this out.

We're using page flags to show how far along we think an individual page is. They are as follows:

:TO-DO: Basically not started. Some scaffolding or ideas. Distinct lack of sentences.

:INPROGRESS: In progress. Structure and content progressing

:FINISHED: Functionally complete.

Please do not remove a Finished flag at this stage.

You may see other tags, especially :QUESTION: or :FIXME: . These tags can be used to indicate input is requested. The best place to ask a question is on the page in question's discussion page. Flag this as follows (example):

:QUESTION: There are questions about this page on the Discussion about Nearby Shops and Services page

We are using these:

This is a tip!

This is some help!

This is a to-do!

This is a danger!

This is a warning!

Use if you have to:

This is a caution!

We are not using these:

This is a notice!

This is a safety!

This is a download!

Here’s a List of things needing written where you can put your name to a page, or section

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