The List of things needing written

Page Extent Priority Month Who
Getting Around Glasgow Buses section P2 October Alan
Useful Travel Apps finish up P3 Alan
Nearby Food and Drink. Needs huge expansion P1 September A+D
Cafes P2
Restaurants P2
Pubs and Bars P2
Nearby Essential Shops and Services Needs finishing P1 September David
Shops for Convention Supplies P2 September Alan
Things to do near the SEC Should be links to items elsewhere P3
Local History Needs re-org and expansion P2
Museums and Art Galleries Filling out P2
Distilleries Filling out P2
Events Filling out P3
Parks and Green Spaces Filling out P3
Shopping and Markets Filling out P1 David
Places of Religion and Worship Filling out P3
SF&F-related shops Reword to Fannish interest shops P1 October Alan
LGBTQIA+ Glasgow Filling out P3
Furth of the city Lot go work but later on P3 Alan
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