The Deep Fried Mars Bar

OK, editorial voice off. This is Alan here. I have opinions about the deep fried mars bar, and they must be recorded.

When I started at Strathclyde University in 1986, deep fried mars bars did not exist. They seem to have originated with someone having a look at the fairly extensive1) list of items the Scots will eat after someone has dipped them in batter and thrown them in a deep fryer, and suggested that they may as well deep-fry mars bars as well.

Glaswegians, never short to rise to a challenge, did exactly that, of course.

The first time I heard of them, I was living on the Strathclyde Uni halls of residence at one end of Cathedral Street. At the other end, roughly where Best Kebab2) is now, the Blue Lagoon Chip Shop3) took up the offer and had these on the menu for students and others with poor judgment needing something4) to soak up the beer. This would have been 1987.

And now everyone’s doing it.

It started off as a joke, and maybe should have remained one. Even something from Best Kebab5) would have done more to stave off the hangover approaching with the morning sun.

But it’s here, and we have to live with that. Just don’t order one. Glaswegians will laugh at you.

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