General Thoughts on this Wiki

Hi there and welcome to this Guide to Glasgow Wiki. My philosophy of this is not to try and make it comprehensive, but to provide a broad list of things that convention-goers might want to take some time to go and do (whether they have one day or a week extra in their visit to Glasgow).

One or two people editing things can't think of everything a visitor might want to do. If you have a particular favourite place or even a whole missed category, find an appropriate place and edit it in.

If you don't want to edit a wiki page yourself, then please do make suggestions on the talk page for each main page. It's the second icon down on lttle editing bar at the right. It's helpful, but not essential, if you sign your entry, in order it's easier to follow the back-and-forth of a discussion.

On the little edit bar at the right the second button down takes you to the talk page for a page. If you don't want to be bold but have comments or suggestons, please use the talk page to draw them to others' attention.

Third-last button from the right on the edit bar is an x with an underline extending beyond it. That button inserts your signature. Crucially this includes a date and time.

When you make edits on talk pages, please sign them. This aids others in understanding to whom each contribution belongs to. This becomes increasingly more important as several people contribute to the same talk page.

Perhaps not the best word for it, but I'm using meta information to describe flags set up to indicate to other editors and to readers that information on a page is in a greater or lesser state of change.

The use of the correct namespace and therefore a template for pages that need to be consistent (a location page) is also included here but really shouldn't be. Life's too short.

Start Page for metainformation

Strike out these when they have been done, please!

A page on what to do if you have one day, three days, a week spare.

Alan Fleming 2022/11/18 17:36

Top level Essential Information Heading and subpage(s). Move Medical Emergency info up there.

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In Tourism, a selection of SF&F-related places

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In Furth of Glasgow, Outlander tourism, or a link to something that has it

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Services, such as massage - new top level category?

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