SF&F-related Shops

There isn't a dedicated SF&F bookstore in Glasgow any more. However, the following have good collections of current genre books.

Waterstones is arguably the best-known bookshop chain in the UK. There are three branches of Waterstones in Glasgow - on Sauchiehall Street, on Argyle Street, and on Byres Road. Please note that though their shelves are usually very well stocked, they do trade principally in new, backlist and current books by well-established/big-name authors. It is also worth mentioning that while there is normally some kind of ‘buy one get one free/half price’ deal going on, the vast majority of the books on sale are at full price.

Sauchiehall Street

which used to be A1 Comics, where the writer bought his first ever comics in Glasgow. Two stores: A1 Toys in Parnie Street, which deals with toys, actions figures, comics and graphic novels etc. Static Games at 39 King Street which deals with boardgames, collectible and trading card games etc. A1Toys' website

39 Union Street. Store of the miniature-gaming focussed Games Workshop

Specialist back issue comic shop also stocking new issues, t-shirts and toys. Not in the City Centre! (It used to be). 37 Ruthven Lane. Their website.

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