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Finnieston, the area immediately to the north of the conference centre across the footbridge, has become Glasgow's most up and coming area for food and drink. There is a wide selection of places to get food, ranging from grab and go sandwiches and drinks, to some of the best restaurants in the city.

The link for each place leads to a page showing its contact details, web site and a location map. We’ve included accessibility, sample menus and availability of dietary options as we have them.

Please not that hotels do not generally have microwave ovens though there may be a fridge.

Clydebuilt Bar and Kitchen

Sit-down options are limited at the Conference Centre itself. The only choice is Clydebuilt Bar and Kitchen, which serves a small range of meals, focussing on several types of burger. There are vegetarian and vegan options. Reservations are available on their website and are recommended for the duration of the convention.

McColls Convenience Store

McColls sells a wide range of confectionery, newspapers and sandwiches, soft drinks and other iems for take-away.

Deli & Bakery

Deli & Bakery is a small unit in the SEC, selling coffee and (slightly overpriced but good quality) sandwiches, hot takeaway food (both vegan and non-vegan) and baked goods.

Next closest is the Crowne Plaza Hotel, which has a full-service resturant with a wide range of standard hotel meals. It has the advantage of also being open for breakfast.

It’s a restaurant in a budget class hotel. Not recommended.

OUIBar & KITCHN at the Radisson Red Hotel

The modern and popular variation of the Radisson hotel chain, with a rooftop terrace bar for warmer nights. The OUIBar and KITCHN (sic) serves a pretty standard modern international menu of burgers, pizzas, caesar salad etc.

Booking will be essential during the convention.

The Recess Terrace at the Hilton Garden Inn is another terrace bar and restaurant for the better weather. No menu on website. Will require booking.

India Quay is a contemporary Indian restaurant serving a range of standard British Indian food, with a handy to-go menu for food collection. Booking recommended if you wish to dine in the restaurant.

The closest Starbucks is on the other side of the river, on the ground floor of the Village Hotel. There are better options for an actual coffee in the city, but sometimes an iced latte or similar is what’s going to hit the spot.

Getting to any of the following involves crossing over the footbridge at the northern limit of the SEC, that passes over the Clydeside Expressway. This is step-free but has cycle gates at the southern entrance and a steep incline from south to north.

:TO-DO: Peri-Peri chicken.

Ice cream and desserts are the focus at Big Licks, but there are also burgers and savoury choices too.

Sometimes we crave it. Sometimes, we hate ourselves. Sometimes, these times are the same. In saying that, it's a known quantity for many people, and brand standards pretty much mean you will get what you expect.

McDonalds is definitely one of your choices.

Lidl, a German chain supermarket, is the closest basic–range supermarket to the SEC. By 'basic range' we mean that it will have fresh fruit and vegetables, a bakery, staple foods, beers, wines and spirits and pharmacy items — but not with a range of brands for the same item and less breadth of choice than you would expect in a full–range supermarket. For the duration of the convention, it may well suffice for your needs.

Coffee and huge stuffed cookies, open Friday — Sunday only. If you absolutely want a cookie-based sugar hit with caffeine on the side, Chulo’s is the place for you.

At the top of Finnieston Street, past Lidl, is Argyle Street and the foodie heart of Finnieston. There are close on a hundred places to eat and drink in a 1km / 0.6 mile / 15 minute fast walk's distance. They are listed on Places to Eat in Finnieston.

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