Climate and Weather

Glasgow's weather is at best unpredictable. While in August you are likely to find the weather at its best, you may equally find a day or two of rain during your visit. Or an hour of heavy rain in an otherwise good day. The best thing to do is to be prepared for all eventualities - while Four Seasons in One Day by Crowded House wasn't written about Glasgow, it could describe Glasgow in summer.

Nothing is great at predicting weather, even the UK's Met Office. But at least you can carry weather apps with you

Here is an exceedingly Glaswegian weather forecast page

Here is a very boring one.

Across the month, daily temperatures will on average range between 20degC during the day and 12degC at night, though depending on the variability of weather systems extending from the Eastern Atlantic to Northern Africa, each of these temperatures could be 50% higher or lower on any given day. The same variability means that the temperature range may be broadly similar from day to day, or could vary the wole of that 50% for day or overnight temperature from one day to the next.

Similarly for precipitation, on average a little light (say 5mm) precipitation will fall every two to three days. However, a change in weather pattern can cause a series of passing rain bands or thunderstorms that will drop 30mm in one day.

So expect the unexpected. Forecasts are not useful more than 5 days out. And are of marginal use until they are predicting 48 hours out.

If you come from a humid climate, Glasgow will feel much less humid than yours. This does not stop people who live here thinking that the humidity is awful.

If you have experience of the West Coast of the USA, the following will sound familiar: layers. Wear or carry layers of comfortable clothes, from something that will keep you cool, via something that will keep you warmer, and never forget something waterproof you can put over the top of other layers. It might be a cliche to say to include both sunglasses and an umbrella — but that doesn't stop it being necessary!

This does mean that some sort of a bag to carry a layer in, is essential. Don't worry. There is a reason why every local out for more than a couple of hours, is carrying a bag too.

While sandals as footwear are perfectly common, thought needs to be given on what will be done if you get them soaked in unexpected rain.

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