Streaming services have spoiled us for on-demand film content in the comfort of our own homes, but there’s still something magical about the cinema. Glasgow is home to several – but they can be pricey.

Glasgow IMAX is housed in Glasgow Science Centre, just across Millennium Bridge on the other side of the river from the convention centre. Your Marvels, Jurassic Worlds and other big blockbuster sagas are sometimes shown here — they were until early 2023 where showings have tailed off. Still worth checking as the screen is of excellent quality, and the next good IMAX is some distance from the SEC.

Glasgow Film Theatre typically shows more independent, avant-garde, arthouse and fringe type films. It's worth getting a drink in the bar just to have a look at the building itself – it's gloriously art-deco!

Grosvenor Picture Theatre shows mostly mainstream films, but they do usually have a special event or some kind of 'season' on as well with a focus on maybe a specific director or type of film (for example, at the time of writing there is a Classic Hollywood musicals retrospective happening with a focus on Marilyn Monroe).

Cineworld shows a bit of everything, though usually more mainstream, family and blockbuster films.

Odeon is another mainstream cinema chain showing mostly current big-hit and blockbuster films.

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